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Need help matching your foundation? Lancome has the answer!

Updated: May 30, 2019

@Madelynn_skye getting her customized Lancome foundation

Color matching your foundation. Ugh. One of the trickier tasks we face as beauty lovers and consumers. While it may be obvious what our natural skin tone is, our undertone(s) however may not be. Warm, cool, neutral, olive or any variation in between – it all can be so confusing for customers. Buy the wrong shade of foundation and you could end up looking too yellow, too peach, or too pink. Luckily for us, Lancôme has taken all the guesswork and anxiety out of this common situation with a unique color-matching technology. Lê Teint Particulier is a custom-made foundation that is created and mixed right in front of you. In just a short time you can have the most perfectly matched foundation that’s also customized to your optimal coverage and hydration levels.

Totally cool, right? Here’s my personal experience with Lê Teint Particulier:

Firstly, you do need to make an appointment to get matched for Lê Teint Particulier, and secondly the service is only available at select retailers and counters. Make sure to book online at Blushup in advance at Lancôme’s Bloomingdale’s 59th Street or Saks Fifth Ave location in NYC. That's how I booked my appointment! And it was direct and hassle-free. You get a confirmation on your appointment right away, plus a reminder two days prior.

Between the initial color-matching, mixing, and final testing, the whole process for the Lê Teint Particulier took about thirty minutes for me. When I sat down, the Lancôme Color Expert cleaned off my face and showed me the color meter that would scan or “read” my skin. Everyone’s face will be scanned in different areas depending on pigmentation, blemishes, or anything else that would cause skin tone inconsistencies. For example, I have freckles all over my cheeks that are darker than my base skin tone, so it wouldn’t make sense to match my foundation to that area. Instead, the Color Expert scanned my forehead and my temple where I have less pigmentation.

In just a few seconds, after a few beeps from the meter, my reading appeared and synched with a tablet that allowed me to choose how much coverage (light) and hydration (lots!) I wanted in my new foundation. I found this part of the process so incredibly interesting! I was convinced I had a cool undertone exclusively, but my reading said it was actually cool with some neutral tones as well. If you’ve never been professionally color-matched before, this kind of information is really valuable.

Now it was time for the mixing! The Color Expert placed a tall plastic tube into the color-mixing machine and then sent my order through. A blend of red, yellow, black and white pigments started mixing along with some hydrating ingredients to create my perfect foundation. After a few moments it was time for the final test to check if the color and texture suited me. The Color Expert pulled out some of the mixture and generously swatched the product on the side of my face. Voilà! It just disappeared into my skin! No harsh lines, no oxidation, just perfect color.

I do want to mention here that you can further customize your color at this point in the process. For example, if you want your foundation to be slightly warmer for the summertime you can certainly change your color before the product has its final mixing. I was quite happy with my color match so I didn’t request any changes. The machine finished its mixing, and I was presented with my very own Lê Teint particulier!

Your name is printed on the front label along with a unique complexion ID that’s necessary for reordering. You also get to name your color which is a cool little touch; I named mine ‘Snow’ since I’m so pale! The Color Expert then applied the foundation all my face, and I looked fresh and perfected. I’m so happy I finally have a foundation that perfectly matches me!

To get your perfectly customized foundation with Lancome, be sure to book online via Blushup!

All images courtesy of Madelynn Skye, @madelynn_skye.

—Erica La Sala

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For more information on Lê Teint Particulier, check out the Lancôme website.

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