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Best places to get your Halloween Makeup!

Spider woman to skull lovers, if you're a halloween fanatic this is a guide of the best makeup stores for you! Our team at Blushup compiled a list of the best beauty counters in the world for your perfect Halloween look. While some brands are perfect for an everyday look not all brands have diverse color pallettes and makeup artists who can do artistic makeup, so our selection are based off these criteria. Remember to book at least a week in advance as seats fill quickly on Halloween and it will be impossible to book a last minute makeover!

1. Kryolan

Kryolan makeup artists nail the art of dramatic makeup! So if you're looking for that overly dramatic half dead look this is your best bet. Their brand is known to be used by theater performers and their products will last all night long.

Price: $100-$185 varies by location, not product redeemable

2. MAC Cosmetics

MAC an all time favorite has some of the best makeup artists in the world for creative makeup and they are all about the dramatic look.

Price: $90- $150 varies by location, not product redeemable


If you're not looking for an overly dramatic look, but need a brand that will still be able to nail your Cleopatra , NARS is our favorite! Their MUA's will be able to give you simpler looks such as Wonder Woman, fairy, or a cat and they have a wide variety of color palettes to work with.

Price: $150 Product redeemable

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