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  • Alexa Flanigan

Beauty Counter 101

Whether you’re a newbie to the game, or a beauty-counter frequenter, here are some things to keep in mind when getting your makeup done:

1. Wear a button-up shirt

This is a simple, no brainer but hey, some of us may need the reminder (or maybe this is news to you and pure genius - no judgment if so). Now you know and don’t forget!

2. Don't NOT wear makeup!

Anticipating your appointment, you may think showing up purely fresh-faced is a good idea, but contrary to this belief, showing up with your standard, day-to-day look will give the artist a good base of knowledge on your style, proper coloring, etc. With nothing on and not knowing you prior to this appointment, they have nothing to go off of. This will ensure the end results are to your satisfaction!

3. Beware of the smokey eye

This could differ from person to person (or should we say hand to hand). One artist could have a heavier hand than the next. This is where it's a-okay to speak up and give examples of the look you are going for! Our founder and CEO Monique Salvador knows all about this struggle… she asked for a smokey eye and when she arrived at a party that evening, everyone commented on how tired she looked. We’re looking for sultry here people, not sleepy! Show your artist some pictures of a smokey eye that’s right for YOU.

4. Take this as a learning opportunity

Ask questions! This is a time to be pampered, yes, but get the most out of your new products you'll be purchasing by learning all about them. And of course, ask the artist their favorite tips and tricks you can take home with you to continue your makeup experience in your everyday life.

And lastly, 

5. DON'T just show up

Lucky for you, Blushup makes this step a piece of cake. Setting up an appointment ahead of time not only allots you the time you need for your look to be completed properly (and beautifully), but it's also courteous for the artist, too. Find the perfect time and brand for you right here.